12th Five-Year nuclear safety projects worth RMB 80 billion

Tuesday, 19 June 2012 16:51

Key words: 12th Five-Year, nuclear safety, 80 billion

The NNSA has recently released the report on the safety inspection on civilian use nuclear power facilities and the safety plan for the five-year period ending in 2015 and long-term targets for 2020, asking for public opinions on them.

The report indicates that China’s nuclear facilities are basically safe. Differing from the Fukushima NPP in location, China’s nuclear power facilities are unlikely to cause similar accidents. Nevertheless, the facilities are still vulnerable to such devastating accidents as the Fukushima disaster because of some inherent weakness.

The report also specifies that the investment in key nuclear safety projects during the 12th Five-Year is worth RMB 79.8 billion as a method to eliminate potential safety hazards.

Source: http://www.china-nea.cn


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