The seminar for Shandong Shidao Bay NPP engineering was held in Beijing

Wednesday, 17 August 2011 08:00

From August 11th to 12th, the seminar for the Shidao Bay NPP was held in Beijing. This meeting was organized by State Nuclear Electric Power Planning Design & Research Institute (SNEPDRI) and the primary objective of the meeting was to push forward the preliminary design of its offshore engineering for Shidao Bay NPP sites. The leaders and experts of Huaneng Shandong Shidao Bay Nuclear Power Co., Ltd, State Nuclear Engineering Co., Ltd, and CCCC-FHDI Engineering Co., Ltd attended this meeting.

In particular, the attendees reached a consensus on the planning of a channel that connects two of the facilities. SNEPDRI and CCCC-FHDI Engineering Co., Ltd had a detailed discussion in working outline and major design principle, design criteria, outsourced projects lists, design information requirements needed and test specifications.



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