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2006-04-23 The BINE was awarded the design contract of Qinshan Phase II Extension Project

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Sunday, 23 April 2006 00:00

On April 23, the signing ceremony of design and technical service contract of Qinshan Phase II Extension Project was held in Beijing. Following three main contracts of construction, installation and construction supervision were signed in November of last year, the design and technical service contract is the most important contract for Qinshan Phase II Extension Project. According to the contract, the Beijing Institute of Nuclear Engineering (BINE), as the general contractor, will take charge in general design of nuclear island, BOP and other related works; the Nuclear Power Institute of China, as the nuclear island subcontractor, will take charge in design of reactor and NSSS; and the Huadong Electric Power Design Institute will take charge in the design of conventional island.

Mr. Li Yongjiang, the board chairman of Nuclear Power Qiashan JVC said that on the basis of operation experience feedback from Unit 1 and 2 of Qinshan Phase II, according to the new code and standard, the Qinshan Phase II Extension Project has take the model of “copying plus improving” to achieve a higher level on safety and reliability than previous units. The indigenous manufacture ratio will increase up to more than 70%.

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