The ACPR1000 with Chinese IPR debuts at the international market

Thursday, 17 November 2011 15:36

Key words: Chinese IPR, ACPR 1000, nuclear technology, CGNPC, HAF 102

On November 16, 2011, the ACPR1000 advanced GW EPR technology with Chinese IPR developed by CGNPC debuts at the 13th China Hi-Tech Fair in Shenzhen. ACPR1000 can withstand extreme situations such as multi failures. Additionally the reactor has met all the technical and economical measures that is required by international Gen Ⅲ nuclear standards.

Having drawn lessons from the Fukushima accident, the ACPR1000 has made many significant technical innovations in safety such as the 14-inch fuel reactor core, digitalized instrument control system, three safety systems, large and double-layer containment, in-built refueling water tank, increasing safety shutdown earthquake, etc.

It is said all indexes of the technology comply with China’s latest nuclear safety regulation (HAF102), American standard URD, and European standard EUR. CGNPC will complete the R&D of ACPR1000 by 2013 as scheduled.

Since 2009, CGNPC has been in cooperation with Dongfang Electric, Shanghai Electric, Harbin Electric, China First Heavy Industries, China Erzhong and other companies to conduct the R&D for ACPR 1000.



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