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2010-07-06 EGAT held training in Daya Bay

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Tuesday, 06 July 2010 09:30

From July 4th to 6th, a delegation of forty from Thailand power company EGAT, headed by Doctor Kamol Takabut who is assistant of EGAT general manager, visited Daya Bay nuclear power base for two-day training.

The EGAT delegation visited the sightseeing platform of Lingao nuclear power plant which is near Daya Bay nuclear power plant, the main control room, steam turbine plant of Daya Bay plant, the DCS main control room, nuclear island, simulator for training, emergency operations center, skill training center of phase two of Lingao nuclear power plant, the Beilong waste disposal site and equipment manufactures at Lansha, Guangzhou province. Besides, they also communicated with residents living near nuclear power plant and learned relations management experience with local communities.

The delegation was comprised of department managers of EGAT. Through training and communication, they learned about Daya Bay nuclear power plant and Lingao nuclear power plant in terms of safety, reliability and economics and the development opportunities brought with the nuclear power plant. The training was considered foundation for potential cooperation.

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