Toshiba stressed nuclear is still core business

Friday, 15 April 2011 08:00

Tencent Financial reported on April 15 about a statement made by the president of Toshiba, Mr. Norio Sasaki, who said that during an interview that nuclear is still its core business, and Toshiba will also reinforce construction in areas of fossil fuels, solar energy and other power generating systems.

Norio Sasaki also said that the aim of 1 trillion yen revenue from nuclear business by 2015 may be postponed because of the Fukushima nuclear accident, which might cause governments in the world to suspend their nuclear power programs or review the safety of nuclear power plants.

Nuclear has brought Toshiba 570 billion yen in the financial year till 2010.  To reach the target of 1 trillion yen revenue, Toshiba needs 39 nuclear power plant orders.

Norio Sasaki said its joint nuclear power program in Texas State will not be cancelled and progress has been made in certificate application.


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