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2012-05-11 Home-made alloy bond test for 1000 MW NPP bearing proved successful

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Friday, 11 May 2012 16:10

Key words: 1000 MW NPP, bearing, alloy bond

Recently Mitsubishi Corporation formally informed Harbin Turbine Company Limited (hereafter referred to as HTCL) that their self-developed low-voltage radial journal bearing alloy bond were up to the required standards and could be put into operation. This marked the success of the home-developed test of Babbitt Metal casting for the bearing of 1000 MW NPP, which lasted about one year, and proved HTCL’s competence in the manufacture of the bearing for 1000 MW AP1000. Besides, it will also reduce the production costs of steam turbines for 1000 MW NPPs and thus save a considerable amount of procurement capital of both the company and the users.

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