The 3rd International Conference on Asian Nuclear Prospects 2012

Tuesday, 24 July 2012 18:33
With the rapid increase of population and pressure of restrictions on carbon dioxide emission, nuclear energy appears bright outlook in Asian region. However, nuclear energy encountered great scepticism and challenge resulting from the Fukushima accident last year. The safety and security of nuclear energy gained more critical focus than ever before.

There’s an old saying in Chinese - Opportunities hide in challenges. The past lessons can be the engines to promote the sustainable growth of nuclear energy.

In the background of the negative condition and good outlooks for nuclear energy, the 3rd Asian Nuclear Prospects (ANUP) conference will be held on October 16-19, 2012 at Xijiao Hotel, Beijing China.

The purpose of ANUP is to provide a world-class meeting place for information exchanges and establish the networks of Asian experts in nuclear realm. Scientists, technicians and researchers can get together and discuss and seek to agree how we shall proceed in common problems and challenges. The discussion will cover all the strategic and scientific fields of the nuclear energy, fuel cycles and waste management scenario. ANUP 2012 aims to stimulate progress to strengthen nuclear safety, improve fuel cycle technologies, and enhance radioactive waste management.

ANUP conference was initiated by scientists, technicians and researchers from Japan, India, South Korea and China in 2008. After successfully hosting of ANUP in Japan (2008) and India (2010), the ANUP 2012 conference will be held in Beijing, China. This event is hosted by China Nuclear Society, International Atomic Energy Agency, Atomic Energy Society of Japan, Indian Nuclear Society and Korean Nuclear Society. And Tsinghua University is appointed to organize the conference.


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